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Brand Identity Development

The face of a business is as important as the product or service that they provide.

We help businesses to clearly define their core values, personality traits, and the things that drive them forward. We then investigate the industry marketplace and the competition that they are up against.

We follow a simple yet effective process that begins by defining the business and ends in a clear and concise interpretation of these definitions. Essentially the way it looks and feels, accurately represents the business, everything it provides and what it aspires to be.

Whether its a brand new brand identity or refreshing an old one, we have the ability to help our clients create a strong, stable identity which in turn means a strong and stable business.

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A re-branding exercise can be a relatively cheap process which in turn can rejuvenate and revitalise a business for both customers and employees.

We like to work closely with companies undergoing re-brands, and make sure that we understand exactly what it is they want to achieve from their re-brand.

Whether a business requires small changes to their position in the marketplace, wording, logos and design, or wants to refresh a tired brand identity, we have the expertise and perspective to not only make the re-branding process inspiring and energising for staff, but also inviting and exciting for customers.


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Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a critical part of a brand’s rollout and implementation.

In brief, brand guidelines are the foundation of a successful brand. They ensure that consistency is maintained across the board by keeping a brand ‘on-brand’ whenever it is put into action. This means that directors, staff and customers all know what the brand is and how it should look.

Brand guidelines are the road map for the writers, designers and marketers charged with navigating and communicating the brand.

As a brand guidelines agency, our job is to boil down and distill the complexity of brand messaging, positioning and vision for businesses. We then help create a definitive document that communicates the “nitty gritty” of the brand so that it stays on the right track no matter who is driving it forward.


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Brand Management

Good brand management in a nutshell is about keeping a consistent look and feel in everything you do.

Consistency of brand assets is hugely important to the performance of a business. It means that a brand, wherever it is, reflects the same essential personality traits and message to consumers and staff alike.

We provide brand management plans to businesses to help make sure their staff, partners and associated media outlets use only authorised brand assets and maintain brand continuity across the board.


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Environment Branding

The key to a long and lasting connection between your audience and your brand is environment branding.

This means branding the physical space in order to give clients or staff an overall immersive experience.

So whether you want to create an impact through visuals, sounds, smells, music, whatever, we can help you create unique real-life, real-time experiences.

Wherever the action unfolds – in retail outlets, corporate events, in public spaces, hotels or restaurants – environment branding can be an extremely powerful tool, offering stimulating, often multi-sensory, lasting brand experiences that consumers will talk about long after they have left the store.


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Event Branding/Design

The marketplace is full of other brands just like yours competing for attention and only the most striking will rise above the rest.

Every day our senses are overloaded with advertising and communication, most of which we choose to ignore. Events are a great way to cut-through in a dynamic, targeted and tangible way.

We provide event branding services that start with your brand values, then tailor any visual displays and theming to your target audience. We also know that much of the anticipation and excitement – the all critical noise – is generated well in advance of the event and builds to peak at the event itself.

We use all kinds of unconventional means from street art to temporary websites to flash mobs or hand-crafted items, we have the insight and lateral thinking to deliver the right amount of awareness at the right times for any event.


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Internal Branding

Dictating to staff and contractors about branding is the wrong approach to getting them to say the right things at the right times. Internal branding is the right way.

Relationships develop quickly between a potential client and your company representative. Whether that relationship develops in the right way depends on how invested your representative is in your brand. So it only follows that your employees are your most valuable brand assets.

Internal branding is a process which helps to create a bond between these valued staff and clients – on all levels of your business – by making them feel part of a movement not just one of many employees.

This applies to internal presentations, stationary, motivational posters, and environmental or event branding. We can generate excitement and get your employees buzzing through clever internal branding and design. This means that they wear the brand with pride and talk about it wherever they go.

From internal presentations, training packs to branding interior spaces and branded stationery, we give companies the tools to create a workforce that is engaged and stimulated and saying all the right things to the customer.


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Logo Design

As well as being striking and memorable a logo must first be legible, practical and flexible before it leaves the concept stage. Otherwise it will never reach it’s potential.

Logo design is about distilling and communicating a brand message via a unique design. It is a visual device that performs the task of a calling card for a business, and perhaps reflect the essence of the product or service in its visual language.

Before we start on artwork however we must do a thorough investigation into where the logo will be used, who will see it, and what the company is hoping to project.

As an ambitious and accomplished design house, we appreciate the power of a logo and it’s ability to boost success of a brand, so we go through a rigorous investigative process before we begin the design process.

Because a brand starts with the logo, we know how important it is.


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