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Augmented Reality

The perfect marriage between traditional print and digital technology.

It’s pretty safe to say that if your beer label started to come to life you might think that there is a magician in the room or that you’ve maybe had one too many!

With a phone in the hands of all of your customers, this is now a possibility with augmented reality. Once your audience has downloaded your branded app they then only need to hold their phone up in front of your piece of printed material and watch as it comes to life. Not only can you create an entertaining and immersive experience with your print collateral, you can now have buttons embedded on the artwork, and measure the engagement with the experience.

We have found that this technology is best used in terms of an overall strategy of brand engagement.


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Website Design & Development

Flexible, intuitive, responsive and lasting. This is how web design should be.

A website is now an essential part of any marketing strategy. It has almost replaced the business card when building networks. It doesn’t matter which industry we are talking about, there must be a constant online presence or component.

There are many different requirements for a business when it comes to web. It may be that your customers are often on the go and need a mobile solution or that you need high resolution imagery and sleek design for a desktop platform, we have the creative intelligence and technological expertise to help with your online success.

We can help with website design & build, CMS Website Development, ecommerce website development, microsites, digital strategy  development.


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Email Marketing

We see email marketing as one of the most useful and direct lines of communication in the digital world.

It is a privilege to be invited to send a piece of communication directly to someone’s inbox and if used in the right way can have a massive impact for your brand.

We can tailor a strategy incorporating email marketing with creative email design so that your emails don’t just get read by your audience but also are acted upon.


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Social Media Branding/Development

To be successful using social media, the right things need to be said at the right time. They also need to look professional and polished.

Appearances are everything on social media. It’s important to cultivate a profile with character that’s on brand and works hard in the social space. The page needs to be be alive with content and user interaction.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few are no longer on the peripheral of marketing strategy; they are essentials. Each platform have their own pros and cons so it’s important to weigh this up with the aims of your brand.

We can provide advice on which ones will work best and then provide custom made content that is optimised according to the specifications of each social media platform and engineer content strategies to help with audience engagement and create awareness of your latest products, services, promotions or events.


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